To assure the safety of our congregation and visitors during the continuing concern with the Covid-19 virus the following form needs to be filled out and instructions followed.



Step 1: Submit the "Request a Space" form.

Step 2: Complete the "Guidelines and Requirements form" and send it to the task force at covenantchurchhighpoint@gmail.com. 

Covenant Church United Methodist

Email: covenantchurchhighpoint@gmail.com

Phone: 336-841-3242

Pastors and Directors of Ministry:


Rev. Darren Alexander 

Senior Pastor

Rev. Kirk LeJeune

Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries and Missions

Laura Danford

 Director of Family Ministries

Ellen Coppley Florian

Director of Connectional Ministries

Greyson Clifton

Director of Music Ministries

Rev. Dr. Craven Williams

Associate Pastor of Visitation

Covenant Church United Methodist, Online Campus, Main Campus at 1526 Skeet Club Road, High Point, NC 27265