Lent Happenings

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Photo-a-Day Lenten Journey

It’s a new season in our church. Lent. Now is the time for purple. It is the time for preparing. Purple is the color of kings. We are preparing for the coming of a king and his going and coming again. We are preparing for the mystery of Easter. Lent helps us get ready. It is a time to know more about the One who is Easter. It is also a time to learn more about who we really are.

As we journey through the season of Lent it is important to take time to just reflect and be with God. Each week we will post words to reflect upon. Take time to think about the words. What images come to your mind? Share your images with others via facebook and instagram. 

Weekly Words:

Week 1: Ash Wednesday Feb 17th  to Sat., February 20th

journey, challenge, test, and spirit


Week 2: Sunday, Feb 21st - Sat, Feb 27th

water, increase, testimony, washing, sent, rejoice, bridegroom


Week 3: Sunday, Feb 28th- March 6th   

wilderness, tell, living, truth, thirst, give, hear


Week 4: Sunday, March 7th - Sat, March 13th 

fear, blind, miraculous, little, broken, abundance, bring


Week 5: Sunday, March 14th- Sat, March  20th

grace, exclude, heal, see, sin, question, connection


Week 6: Sunday, March 21st - Sat, 27th  

story, resistance, name, deny, obedient, King, accept


Week 7: Sunday, March 28th- Sat, Apr 3rd 

sacrifice, joy, reveal, sorrow, run, triumphant, stone


Two different ways to share a photo:

  1. Instagram: Post photos with caption #covenantlentphotos and tag covenantchurchunitedmethodist (follow us first).  Tip:  Ensure your "Posts are Private" setting is turned off.

  2. Facebook: Post photos with description #covenantlentphotos to the Covenant Church wall.  Tips:  Ensure the privacy setting for the photo is set to public and send to the "Covenant Church" Facebook page, not the community group called "Covenant Church United Methodist".