An Invitation to Holy Week - Activity led by Laura Danford

Stations of the Cross

If we were to visit Jerusalem, we could actually walk the path that Jesus took from the time he was condemned to where he died and was buried. This ancient prayer, the Way of the Cross, is our remembering the events of the last few hours of Jesus’ life. Documented as early as the fourth century, people have been remembering the incredible sorrow, pain and love that drove Jesus on to his death . . . where he died for us.

Praying the way of the Cross is important because it is a journey that each of us walks throughout our life. We deal with pain, sorrow, and love all the time. Being Christian and following Jesus doesn’t mean that you won’t have to deal with tough times or that you won’t have your own cross to carry. It does mean that you will have the strength and help to make it through those times.

As you experience these stations, listen and think about what you hear. Follow along the road and stop where Jesus stopped as he wearily and painfully walked to his death. Imagine what it was like for those involved in this journey and get in touch with what they might have felt. But most of all, as you participate in the way of the Cross listen to what the voice of God to you is saying as you take this journey you’ll never forget.

Take your time. Maybe you will go through all the stations in one sitting or maybe just a couple at a time. 

Station 1

Jesus is condemned.

Jesus is standing before angry people who are yelling and saying mean, hurtful things to him. Some of them tell lies about him, saying that he did bad things.

The people yell: “Crucify him! Crucify him!

But Jesus stays quiet, even though he knows that he will be hurt. He knows that God is with him.

I wonder has anyone ever said mean or hurtful things about you, or has anyone ever told a lie about you? I wonder how you felt? I wonder how Jesus felt at this moment?

Station 2

Jesus receives the cross.

The cross is heavy and hurts so much when it is slung across Jesus’ back. Jesus doesn’t fight with them or say angry words to them. He knows that he has to carry the cross a long way, and he knows that it will be very hard for him at times. 

Station 3

Jesus falls the first time.

Jesus is so tired as he walks along he road with the heavy cross on his shoulders. The cross keeps pushing into his shoulders, and the stones on the road hurt his feet. People yell and push him; the soldiers shout for him to move faster. Then Jesus falls, and the soldiers yell at him more. How tired Jesus is!

I wonder have you ever fallen? How did you feel? I wonder how Jesus felt? 

Station 4

Jesus meets his mother.

A woman comes up to Jesus it’s his mother Mary. Mary feels so sad she feels every pain Jesus feels. Jesus sees the sadness Mary feels. Even though they both know God is with them, they can’t even say anything to each other, because they are so sad.