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National Day of Prayer

Thursday, May 7 is National Day of Prayer. As we continue to move forward in these uncertain times, we encourage you to participate in any way you can.

Here are some creative ways you can participate:

Pray by the Hour (Join us at 8, 12, 4, and 8 on FB Live to hear short prayers from Laura, Pastor Darren, Pastor Kirk, and Ellen):

8:00 AM - Leaders

9:00 AM - Senior Citizens

10:00 AM- Children

11:00 AM - Faith Communities

12:00 PM - Unspoken Prayer Requests

1:00 PM - Educators and Students

2:00 PM - Isolated Individuals

3:00 PM - Families

4:00 PM - The Sick

5:00 PM - Graduating Seniors

6:00 PM - Essential Workers

7:00 PM - The Unemployed

8:00 PM - The Grieving

Go on a Prayer Walk

What Is a Prayer Walk?

It’s not just walking around. It’s not just praying. It’s walking through your neighborhood praying with your eyes and your heart wide open. It’s noticing signs of hope and signs of need, and how God calls you to be present to both. Take a walk. Listen closely. Pay attention. Offer prayer. Notice what God is up to. Walk around your own neighborhood praying over every house, ever neighbor. There is no right or wrong way to have a neighborhood prayer walk. When you are finished plug in your mileage at link here.

Let's see how many miles we can pray!

Create a Thank You Prayer Chain

You are invited to participate in a thank you prayer paper chain challenge. Take some time everyday to write or draw someone, something, or a part of your day you are thankful to God for. 

When we are able to gather again this Summer at Covenant. We will bring our chains with us and attach them all together to create one long chain of thanksgiving.

I wonder how long our chain will be when we connect everyone’s together? 

What you need for Paper Thank You Prayer Chain:

  • Paper strips 

  • Something to write or draw with

  • Scissors

  • Stapler or tape to put chain together

Steps for Paper Thank You Prayer Chain: 

  • Cut out paper stips.

  • Each day write/draw what you are thankful for.

  • Attach strips together with stapler or tape

  • Say a thank you prayer to God for what is on your chain. 

  • Continue to build paper prayer chain until we can meet face to face this Summer at church. 

If you don't have much time, follow this guided prayer now:

Dear Lord,
Fill us with your strength and mercy. Comfort the sick, the grieving, the uncertain, the afraid. Let us bring your light into this darkness. Hold us in your loving embrace. You have called us by name, creating each of us in your holy image. Remind us of your presence. We need you. We thank you. We love you.

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