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"The Mixing Bowl" Shared by Laura Danford

Today I want to share with you a  poem written by Gunilla Norris. This is a poem from her book “Becoming Bread-Embracing the Spiritual in the Everyday.”

“The Mixing Bowl”
Here on the table  is the mixing bowl. Brown and ordinary, turned on the potter’s wheel, it has umber rim  and glazed, cinnamone-speckled sides.
Its task is to be open,  a simple space.The bowl is clay,  earth, matter. Particular. We are like it. Clay, earth, matter.  Particular and vast when we are empty…
when life can fill us to the rim, brimming. We are the mixing place where terror and hate, where love and hope, the way we move,
our smiles and uncertainties, our courage and stupidities are all embraced. We are the body bowl… the forming space, the home of possibility. 

I discovered Gunilla Norris’s writings a couple of weeks before Christmas. I quickly read though the book in one sitting. Since then I have found myself coming again and again back to this book.  Her words have brought me hope. They have caused me to think about and to remember who I am and whose I am.

Everyday is a new day full of possibility; even in uncertainty: You are not alone in this. 

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