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Hello to my fellow Covenant family members!

Robin Gentile here - representing the Stewardship Committee. You probably think I'm going to ask you for money, but I'm not (well maybe later...). Stewardship is a much larger responsibility than dealing with finances. Since March of 2020 it has been more difficult than ever to connect as a Christian family here at Covenant, as at all churches the world over. Jesus' direction to go out and "be the church" was meant to keep us connected to each other as we give our prayers, presence, time, and talents to let our light shine for God. It is my belief that when we are connected to each other and serving God, we will be excited to give all we can to support the wonderful works God is doing through Covenant Church. Advent is a wonderful time to focus on giving back to God, as He gave us His greatest gift, salvation through His son.

For our 2023 Pledge Drive, we are asking first and foremost for your commitment of PRESENCE in 2023. In addition to that commitment, we will be sending out traditional pledge cards where we humbly ask you to make a financial commitment to your church for the 2023 calendar year. We ask that you commit to your yearly total through the sacred ritual of tithing. This commitment will fund and provide us with our staff, our building necessities, our outreach events, programming, missions, and most importantly - the ability to continue operating and making disciples for Christ right here in our neighborhoods.

As your Stewardship Team Chair, I am committed to seeing us grow spiritually and be good stewards of Christ’s gifts to us. Please remember that you are a gift from God and we are extremely blessed to be connected with one another in this community.

Thank you for all you do.

Robin Gentile and The Stewardship Team at Covenant Church

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