Pentecost Sunday, May 31

Covenant Church Online Worship

Call to Worship

L: Come, Holy Spirit. Inspire our hearts with your fiery presence!

P: Let your flame burn within us, stirring us to action.

L: Come, Holy Spirit. Energize our lives to work for God.

P: Let your wind of hope swirl around us, lifting and moving us from complacency.

L: Come, Holy Spirit. Pour your blessing on us.

P: Let your presence challenge us to proclaim God’s presence and love in everything we say and do.



Rev. Darren Alexander

Prelude - "Spirit of the Living God"

Songs of Celebration

"Gracefully Broken"

Performed by Greyson Clifton, Travis Talent, and Elaine Trotter

"Every Time I

Feel the Spirit"

Performed by Greyson Clifton

Children's Moment with Laura Danford

Morning Prayer

Ellen Coppley

Offering Moment

Jeff Cook

Scripture Reading

Rev. Craven Williams

"The Church has the Left the Building"

Message by Rev. Kirk LeJeune

Celebrating the Class of 2020 Graduates

Closing Song "Soul on Fire"

Performance by Greyson Clifton, Travis Talent, and Elaine Trotter

Closing Prayer & Benediction    

Ellen Coppley

Invitation to Pray Aloud:

"May God’s Holy Spirit inflame our hearts and stir us from apathy and complacency to energy and enthusiasm to serve God in this world.



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