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Our Worship Styles:

Traditional Worship at 8:55 AM: This worship service features elements such as creeds, hymns, a traditional choir, casual attire, and follows a standard order of worship. 


Modern Worship at 11 AM: This worship service features creative elements and a variety of worship elements such as video, skit, and lay participation. The music is contemporary style led by a volunteer praise band.  The attire is casual, come as you are!

Wednesday Communion at 6:30: This service is intimate and reflective. It is simple and focused on weekly communion and other sacred practices. You are welcome to come as you are! 

Tithes and Offerings

One of the most sacred ways we participate in worship is through giving our tithes and offerings. 

You can give in a variety of ways: 

Our Worship Team

Our Sunday morning team is made up primarily of staff and clergy. Additionally, our chancel choir is made up of volunteers and our praise band is also volunteer led. 

Rev. Darren Alexander, Pastor

Ellen Coppley Florian, Director of Connectional Ministries

Stephen Durr, Director of Traditional Worship

Laura Danford, Director of Family Ministries

Matthew Henry, Director of Youth Ministries

Gerald Morgan, Organist

Stephen Saviola, Accompanist

Matthew Brotherton, Praise Band Leader

Tim Williams, Technology Coordinator

Erik Stephens, Sound Technician

Join the team!

We are currently seeking volunteers to work in the sound and technology booth at both 9 AM and 11 AM. 

Our music ministries are growing! We are adding members to the chancel choir and praise band. 

Please contact Ellen Coppley Florian to volunteer for either of these opportunities. Thank you! 

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